Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photoshop Tutorial : Image Effect !

 Today i will try to show you how to put a background to a layer.
 In this case i will put an image behind a text. First select a background for your image and type some text , like this:

 Now put the image over the text:
  Ok... Now select both layers (image layer and text layer) , keep ALT key pressed and click between these 2 layers.
  Don't forget to keep ALT key pressed when you click there.
 The result will be this :
Easy enaugh!
 I hope this tutorial was helpful . See you next time with a new tutorial. Good bye!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photoshop Tutorial : Color Balance !

 Today i will try to show you how to bring more life into a picture verry simple.
 For example i chose this picture :
  Well ... i don't like it now.. because it's so gray. let's put more green...
  Go to Image -> adjustments -> Color Balance  and play with the colors.
  After that you will see that all picture will get a green tint.
  To remove the green tint from some parts of the picture... in this case , this 2 children and their mother,  use hystory brush tool over them.

 At the end my picture will look like that :
  That's all. .Bye bye!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Photoshop Tutorial : Text Edit !

Hello !
Today  i will try to show you how to put a nice effect on your text  using PEN TOOL  . It's verry easy .
 Look :
 First you open new project, select what resolution do you want, put ca background color and write some text.
 Like this :
 I put on my text some  gradient overlay, stroke 1, drop shadow... nothing  importan.
 Now select pen tool and follow instruction :
  First, click in the left of the text , after that in the right  and 3rd time on the line in the middle .
 After that keep ALT button pressed and drag the 3rd point till the line look like this:

Hope you understand what i am trying to tell you. Now click again in the up right corner, after that up left corner and after that click again where you clicked first time to close the path. Like this:
  Now go to paths , Right click on your path and click "make selection"  :
 Your path is now a selection. Fill it with what color do you want.
 Ctrl+D to deselect . Now press Ctrl+CLICK on the text layer , go to Select -> Inverse and delete all extra color with eraser tool .
Ctrl+D to deselect, Now select what opacity do you want for this layer and your job is done.
 This is the final result :
  I hope this tutorial was helpful. See you next time. Bye!